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ADA Compliant and Safety Signage

The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, put forth a set of rules and regulations governing how certain signs need to be designed and displayed. These guidelines must be followed, and are enforced by federal and state law. However, many business owners can feel overwhelmed with these instructions and have no idea where to start. At Excel Signworks, we know signs, and we can certainly help you design an ADA compliant sign.

Here are some of the basics of designing a sign that is ADA compliant:

You don’t have to sacrifice branding for these interior signs, by the way. Including subtle color schemes and fonts that fit the ADA requirements but also reflect your brand is very much within reason. This is a great way to continue to market yourself while following government regulations. You can get creative and still follow the rules, believe it or not.

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Discover where you should install ADA signage, the types of signs you can install, and the benefits they offer your business.

Understanding ADA Sign

ADA signs are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They help make spaces accessible for people with vision, hearing, mobility, and cognitive disabilities. Signs are typically installed next to permanently designated rooms, such as waiting rooms, offices, elevator lobbies, and bathrooms. However, businesses also install them outdoors and elsewhere throughout the building to improve accessibility.

There are strict standards for ADA room signage, including:

Font size

Fonts must be san serif, at least 5/8 inch in height, with a minimum spacing.


Signs should be installed 48 to 60 inches above the floor, with the distance measured from the lowest tactile letter to the floor.


Signs must use light lettering on a dark background or dark lettering on a light background for proper contrast.


The sign must have a non-glare finish.


Most ADA-compliant signs near you are required to have Grade 2 Braille or tactile lettering.

There are numerous other ADA signage requirements, and our team will be happy to guide you through them.

ADA Signage Regulations in Pittsburgh

Businesses must install ADA signs in Pittsburgh legally, however, they also increase the number of visitors who wish to be on the property. These can be employees, patients, customers, and other visitors. Signs are required to:

  • Identify interior and exterior signs to identify permanent rooms and spaces
  • Mark stairwells, corridors, and emergency communication devices
  • Rail identification signs at entrances, platforms, and boarding areas.

If a business fails to install appropriate ADA signs, it can be fined up to $50,000 for the first violation and up to $100,000 for every subsequent violation. The business also opens itself up to lawsuits for failing to maintain a safe environment for all occupants. Ensure your business fulfills the necessary compliance and more with the right ADA sign.


Some of the most common ADA signs near you are:

  • Bathroom signs
  • Room identification signs
  • Directory signs
  • Fire escape signs
  • Wheelchair accessible route signs
  • Elevator signs
  • Wayfinding signs

Businesses are required to install a combination of these signs to ensure a safe, accessible space. Wheelchair signs, for instance, guide wheelchair users to accessible parking spots and wheelchair ramps. ADA directory signs allow people to understand where they need to go without assistance. Ones such as bathroom ADA-compliant signs near you ensure all visitors are able to access essential facilities.

Designing and Installing ADA Signage Near You

Though the ADA has strict requirements for the appearance and installation of signs, businesses are also able to design their own ADA signs. This means there is an opportunity to personalize your signs with specific colors, branding, fonts, and more, as long as they comply with the necessary regulations as well.

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