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Indoor & Outdoor Banners and Flags

Banners and flags are a colorful way to get eyes on your brand. Excel Signworks’ banners and flags are created to exacting standards to perfectly complement your other event and promotional advertising efforts.

Imagine your logo flapping majestically in the breeze. There’s nothing quite like the snap of a flag in the wind. There’s a reason people have used flags to make others aware of important information like sea conditions and weather changes for centuries. Flags have an innate impact on our consciousness as people.

Banners can be used both indoors or out. Be certain to secure them as directed or you may wind up chasing your banner as it wafts away. Excel Signworks’ banners are produced with eye-popping color and clarity. They’re also durable and built to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Boost Brand Recognition

Vinyl banners are an inexpensive way for most businesses to promote their brand. Because they are frequently large in size, they can make a powerful statement. Banners can be attached to fences, poles, wrapped around a structure, or hanging on an outside wall. For maximum visibility, banners are occasionally attached to billboards.

Vinyl banners and flags are a more cost-effective way to meet your company’s marketing needs. Banners and flags, unlike other types of signs, don’t require a lot of supplies to put up. Additionally, unlike other signs that require power, businesses do not have to consider recurring costs, making them an ideal investment for your company.

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Flags and Banners in Pittsburgh

Vinyl flags and banners are customizable, easy-to-install signs. You can print any graphic, image, or message onto them. Since they are lightweight and flexible, you can install flags and banners wherever they are needed. As they are made from vinyl, they are cost-effective too, meaning small or medium-sized business can install them without breaking the bank. Banners and flags in Pittsburgh are used for a wide range of applications, including:


Showcase your product or service offerings with billboards, bulletin boards, advertising banners indoors, and pop-up displays.


Create the perfect atmosphere at corporate events, weddings, tradeshows, and other events with this affordable, easy branding opportunity.

Exterior signage

Promote new products, services, upcoming events, and temporary sales to capture attention for the business.

Visual Appeal

Display artwork, creative designs, and important messaging to make the space stand out and create an impression.

Banners and flags near you are popular with all types of businesses, including law firms, boutiques, event venues, auto dealerships, and more. Given how customizable they are, it’s easy to create flags and banners that fit your business’s needs.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Pittsburgh Banner Printing

Looking for high-quality banners that can be printed fast? Acquire all the flags and banners you need under one roof at Excel Signworks. We design, print, deliver, and install banners to make your signage experience seamless.

Talk to us

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs, designs, and timelines. Our team provides accurate quotes and gets the show on the road.

Stunning designs

Prepare customized designs that incorporate your message and branding. Our digital banner printing near you ensures high-resolution prints every time!

Easy installation

Sit back and relax as our professional team creates and installs banners for your location.

They’re your banners, and you are in charge! Personalize every aspect of your signs, including their size, shape, graphics, and installation method.

Here's How You Can Use Your Banners and Signs

Banners and signs near you are some of the most effective means of branding and advertising. Here’s how businesses like yours optimize the use their signs:

  • Promote new products and services with storefront window banners
  • Capture attention on the show floor with tradeshow banners
  • Brand the office tastefully with retractable banners
  • Generate excitement with large banners at events, such as football games
  • Decorate the event venue with branded directional signs
  • Create photo-op-ready backdrops for stages and entrances

Not sure how you can put your signs to use? Our team loves to make spaces pop! We’re happy to guide you on how you can put your new signs to work.

Benefits of Custom Banners & Flags

Whether it’s an upscale corporate event or a sale at the corner store, you’ll find banners there. Here’s why banners are so popular:

  • Easy to install and replace because they are so cost-effective.
  • Durable signs that can last for months, even outdoors.
  • Reusable signs that deliver value over again.
  • Quick printing and delivery mean you’ll have signs ready to go in no time.

Get Your Brand, Business, or Event Noticed

Enjoy the personal touch and a professional signage experience when you work with Pittsburgh’s top signage partner. Excel Signworks is a full-service sign company that handles all aspects of your project. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a Pittsburgh-based sign expert. 

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