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    Banners Get the Word Out About Festivals

    It’s summertime, and that can mean one thing: festivals. Whether it’s a street fair with tons of local vendors, a food truck fiesta with tasty food or a neighborhood community day, an outdoor festival can be fun for all. But how should you advertise for it? There are plenty of expensive signage options, but they’re not quite the right fit for a temporary event like a festival.

    One type of exterior event signage that really works well for festivals is banners! These signs are temporary, easy to put up and take down and can also be customized. You can put whatever you want on them, which makes them the obvious choice for street fairs or community days. Let’s look more closely at the specific benefits of banners.

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    Benefit # 1: Temporary Means Convenience

    The fact that banners are temporary means that they are incredibly convenient for businesses to advertise with. You can have a small banner for each business, if the festival only has a couple of vendors. Or, you can use a few large banners for bigger street fairs that attract tourists from all over.

    If you’re wondering how to store these event signs, we’ve got you covered. Because they’re temporary, your banners can be hung for the duration of the festival, then removed and rolled or folded up for storage.

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    Benefit # 2: Vinyl Means Easy to Clean

    Another great aspect of an outdoor banner is that it’s made of vinyl, which can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. Also, vinyl tends to be waterproof and resists damage during storms, so you don’t have to worry too much about your signage if that community day gets rained on.

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    Benefit # 3: Yes, Your Banner Can Be Customized

    You don’t have to go with a one-size-fits-all sort of sign. After all, not all festivals are the same, so why should your event signage be? Let your creativity flourish when designing your banner. If you’re a small business attending the festival as a vendor, use this opportunity to raise awareness of your brand. Your advertising budget will thank you.

    Get Vinyl Event Banners for Your Next Summer Festival

    Summer can fade away as quickly as it seems to arrive, so get your banners for an upcoming festival while it’s still hot and sunny out. Excel Signworks can help you design and install any size banner. Contact us today for a free quote.