Carved & Sandblasted Signs

Durable & Weather -resistant

Carved and sandblasted signs can be made from either high-density urethane or natural hardwoods such as redwood or cedar. These materials are chosen for their overall durability and weather-resistance.

Carved signs take the raw material and carve the logo directly into it, creating a recessed design that can be accented with paint effects.

Sandblasted signs are the exact opposite. The logo or text is left in the foreground, while the areas around them are sandblasted out, leaving the logo in relief. Again, this effect can be enhanced using paint effects.

Increase your visibility inside and out

Signage in front of your business is a must if you want to attract customers and entice them inside your establishment. If you want to claim your position and tell clients what they can expect inside, carved and sandblasted signage are an excellent way to do so! Beautifully carved signs that attract consumers to the other side of your front doors are possible when you collaborate with an Excel Signs’ experienced custom sign manufacturer.

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