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    Compliance: The Importance of the ADA and Your Interior Sign Needs

    Have you ever had a hard time navigating a new place? Imagine searching wildly for a bathroom, but there were only unmarked doors in a long corridor. This is seldom a reality. Most of the public spaces you’ve entered have probably had clear signs that indicated stair-wells and restrooms. We clearly recognize the words and symbols and you may even have noticed, or been able to read the brail lettering at the bottom of the sign. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that those signs exist in public places.

    The ADA

    The ADA was signed into law in 1990 by US President, George H.W. Bush. Modeled after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it ensures that individuals with disabilities have the same opportunities as those who do not. One of the necessities of compliance with the ADA is that public entities provide appropriate signs. To be compliant with the ADA, restaurants, government buildings, offices, and any other place accessible to the public must have signs that provide information to those with impairments. The signs must also provide directions to accessible entrances (or directions to where that information would be available) and must display the international symbol for accessibility at each accessible entrance. In other words, those signs are a legal necessity; legal necessity does not mean the end of a seamless company brand, though.

    Your Brand

    Your brand says a lot about your company and is built with time and careful attention. The public associates your business with your brand, so it’s important that your brand is uniform in every way it can be. Excel Signworks offers the practical and necessary signs required by the law, but with the ability to add your company’s colors and keep your brand seamless in your spaces. Compliance with the ADA is incredibly important, but it does not mean that your signs need to be bland and boring. Excel knows the laws, both the federal regulations of the ADA and the local regulations of Pennsylvania. This means Excel can create signs tailor made for your company while making sure you are fully compliant.

    Your brand is your business, don’t sacrifice it.

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