How to Create Memorable Signage With Mixed Media

Business owners go beyond the ordinary to distinguish themselves from the competition by creating instantly memorable mixed media signs and displays. Mixed media involves combining materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. It also includes using techniques such as layering, texturing, coloring and illumination to produce attractive signs and displays. Displaying a collage of artwork, photographs and dimensional letters on the wall is a good example of mixed media.

Monument signs that are almost sculptural in their design exemplify mixed media signage since most of them combine materials such as stone, metal as well as digital signage elements. A combination of many textures that include brick, weathered wood, and rusted steel can greatly enhance the appeal of your signage.

Other mixed media signage solutions include:

  • Plastic signs
  • Wood signs
  • Exterior 3D signs
  • A-Frame signs

Plastic Signs

There are several types of signs that can be fabricated using plastics such as corrugated plastic yard signs, dimensional lobby signs, ADA signs, acrylic letters, PVC and architectural directional signs. Plastics may be available in various shapes, thicknesses, and colors and can be fabricated according to your own specifications.

Wood Signs

Wood is a perfect material for a primary business sign since it is economical and durable. A wood sign can be mounted on walls, buildings, posts or fences and is perfect for a construction site or realtors. You can get enamel coated and pressure treated plywood panels that are more durable.

Exterior 3D Signs

Fabricated or precision cut 3D signs that are illuminated or non-illuminated attract attention and will help you get noticed. These signs which include logos and exterior dimensional lettering can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, foams or plastics. Restaurants, commercial buildings, malls and retail centers can use 3D signage to attract the attention of potential clients.

A-Frame Signs

These signs are also known as sandwich board signs and are some of the most versatile tools for any company or business. A-Frame signs come in different styles and sizes, but no matter your choice, every sign will effectively convey your message.

These durable and versatile signs can be used for directional signage, promotions, and advertising services, special events or simply to provide your customers with useful information. You can also use freestanding signs to provide visitors with instructions or reminders, advertise upcoming events or direct traffic in your retail store. These reusable signs are extremely popular due to their functionality and portability.

Contact Excel Signworks and speak to our team of experienced and professional designers who will assist you in designing a mixed media signage that is perfect for your business.


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