Creating a Memorable Trade Show Booth

Trade shows represent a very effective method to promote your company. If you play your cards right, you can obtain amazing results.

A booth seems like the best promotional option when it comes to trade shows because it can be easily observed by the attendees. Still, you have to understand that many other companies are also using booths, and if you want to have success, you will have to follow some rules when designing it.

Here are several useful tips that will help you in creating a memorable trade show booth.

  1. Pick a Theme

When it comes to a trade show, many entrepreneurs tend to choose a very general theme for their booth, hoping that they will arouse more people. This approach isn’t very productive; if you do that, you will be part of the decor and nobody will be interested in what you’re promoting.

Instead, focus on a consistent theme that will make your audience interested in your brand, products, services, and corporate identity. Just focus on a theme that expresses who you are as a company.

  1. Make Use of the Colors

Even if you can use neutral colors when designing a logo, trade show booths need to catch the eye of your audience. So, design them in bright colors. Of course, your booth doesn’t have to look like a rainbow, but there are several methods to mix bright colors without making it too flashy. Orange, red, green or yellow are perfect colors and you can use them for highlighting the main information on your booth. Also, you can use these colors to surround a certain message or image that you want to be noticed.

  1. Use Technology

Improve the visibility of your trade show booth by bringing a couple of TV screens. Place them near the booth or include them within the booth if possible. You can use them to display your newest promotions, to present your company’s achievements, or just to post your logo.

A message displayed on a digital device will be more effective than one displayed on a piece of cardboard. You will feel that people are actually noticing your booth.

Design the Best Trade Show Booth Right Now

If you don’t want to gamble and you want to have a perfectly made trade show booth for the next event, consider working with a professional company.

At Excel Signworks, we put great value in our services and we will design the perfect booth for you, helping you with well-researched tips and tricks at the same time. Contact us today and let’s make the greatest trade show booth together!


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