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    Critical Considerations When Ordering Banners

    Ordering a banner is more than picking a template, adding your text, and hitting “order.” Long before you hit the website, or call the team at Excel Signworks, you must start planning your banners. Most importantly, you need an appropriate size.

    The size of your banner dictates where it hangs and how visible it is to your target audience. Also, you must consider the banner’s shape. Shape determines how much space you have for text, but it also determines the message you send to your audience.

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    Top Options for Banner Sizes and Shapes

    Choosing your size and shape doesn’t have to cause unnecessary stress. Instead, just browse the most common orientations and choose the one that suits your next project.

    Banners come in almost any shape and size you’d want. When you work with a custom printer, you might unlock unique shapes, too – like oval and circle-shaped banners.

    Medium-Sized Rectangles

    A medium rectangle is the standard go-to banner size. A “medium” vinyl banner averages two feet by five feet.

    However, they come in a variety of sizes, from two feet long to up to 20 feet long. The width of the banner, however, stays at two feet.

    With this size, you have plenty of space for your message and room at the end to add an image or logo.

    This size is ideal for parties and special announcements.

    Small, Rectangular Signs

    Small, rectangular signs have a height of just one foot. In this case, the horizontal sizing ranges from three to eight feet in length.

    These are ideal for pop-up tents and areas where you have limited space to hang your vinyl banner. Also, they work in situations where you need to provide directions, such as an event.

    Ovals and Circles

    Oval and circular signs are ideal because they stand out from other signs and grab audience attention. Use them any time you could use a square or rectangular sign, but want your message to stand out even more.

    Larger Signs for High-Traffic

    On the exterior of your business, banners need beefier dimensions. This ensures people walking by and driving by see the banner.

    Start with a three to four-foot height. Then, you can pick anywhere from three to 20 feet in length.

    These offer ample space for your message, advertisement, and photographs.

    Large-Scale Banners

    When you need a backdrop for an event, you’ll want a large banner. These banners start with a five-foot height, then span up to 16 feet in length.

    Ultra-Large Banner Sizes

    Now you have reached the point of an enormous banner.

    This category of sizes is for high-traffic areas, like draping over a large structure or the background of a tradeshow.

    The height of this banner starts at approximately ten feet. The vertical length runs anywhere from eight to 20 feet.

    Banners in Oakmont, PA

    What Banner Size is Right for Your Business?

    Choosing the banner size is half the battle.

    Not only do you need the right size and shape, but you need an attractive design that puts the blank space to work.

    The team at Excel Signworks creates beautiful banners that capture the eye of your target market. Tell us what you need a banner for, where you plan to put it, and we can help you pick the perfect size.

    Call about your new banner today at 412-337-2966 or request a quote online.