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    Custom Vehicle Graphics: An Underrated Advertising Channel

    Do you think that online advertising is the best way to market in today’s technology-centered world? Google ads, Facebook pages, Search Engine Optimization, etc., etc.? Well, get this fact:

    95% of Americans have reported being reached by some kind of mobile advertisement. Yes, 95%.

    Mobile advertisements are not invasive. Plus, they are always at a person’s eye level. Also, they happen to be at the most common places. As such, their customer reach is unmatched. Billboards, television adverts, newspaper adverts; nothing gets even close.

    Having said that, there are a number of ways to implement mobile advertisements. In this article, we will discuss the most common one: custom vehicle graphics. Yes, those attractive brightly colored cars, trucks, and buses you see moving around.

    Why You Should Take Custom Vehicle Graphics Seriously

    Car vehicle graphics are so underrated that people are often surprised to discover their benefits. Truth be told, they must be a lot more popular than they presently are. Here are some reasons to take them more seriously:

    1. Reach More People.

    No other advertising channel has the ability to reach more people. It is estimated that just one car wrap can obtain up to 70,000 views in one day. Car wraps are not invasive but they are very difficult to ignore. Among thousands of other cars on the road, they stand out. In the process, they grab an impossible number of eyeballs.

    1. Catch More Attention.

    Mind you, they are not just ‘impressions.’ People actually pay very close attention to them. In fact, an average of 30% of people who view mobile outdoor ads says these advertisements influence their purchasing decisions. They believe that car advertisements are not considered regular adverts. Hence, people end up having a much better connection with them.

    1. Be Insanely Creative.

    A car body is a pretty large canvas. Besides simple text-based ads, one can create very attractive art. Not just that. Often, the shape of the car can be used to one’s advantage. For example, if you have a cat shop, you can fashion the front of the car as a cat. Eyes can be created on the bonnet, side view mirrors can be the ears and the radiator can be the mouth!

    1. Cost Efficient.

    Car vinyl don’t cost much. Plus, installing them is a one time expense. Once done, they are good to go for at least 2 to 3 years. On the other hand, media advertisements would require weekly expenses. Besides this, car graphics are usually good for the car. They protect the car’s body from strains and scratches.

    That is the beauty of car advertising. It reaches a wider audience and is still cheaper. However, one needs to be careful. The car must only move around the store or establishment being advertised. It must always have a contact number prominently displayed. Also, it must follow all applicable laws. Since there is so much to consider, it is better to get in touch with a signage company.

    Excel Signworks can make sure that you consider all important factors. Then, we can help execute your vision to perfection. In case you would like to talk to us, give us a call now.