Exterior Signs: Make Sure They Stand the Test of Time

In March 1993, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had its greatest snowfall on record: 23.6 inches. That’s recent memory for some, a long, long time ago for others. Everyone would agree that it’s a lot of snow.

Weather and Time

Weather and time can take their toll on just about anything and weather in a place like PA can be pleasant, temperamental, or apocalyptic depending on where and when. Bad weather, even decent weather, can ruin almost anything it wants to ruin. Don’t let it ruin your company’s image.

Most people make their judgments by what they can see. That adage about judging books by their covers may be true, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. If a restaurant has its name on a ragged banner stretched above its front door, ends fraying, lettering fading in the sun, there’s a good chance that people aren’t going to worry about spending their time and money there, they’ll move on to another place that offers similar services, but has a beautiful, bright cabinet sign on their exterior.

Cabinet Signs

Excel Signworks makes beautiful, bright cabinet signs for your building’s exterior.

Excel uses aluminum frames that will stand up to the rust and wear that snow, rain and wind can cause. Their cabinet signs are durable and can be lit up to be visible, even in a driving rain. The polycarbonate casing that goes over the aluminum base will protect that light and protect your company’s image.

Invest in the durability of your image. Make sure that image will stand up to the rigors of being visible. Make sure your business will be noticed high-above 2 feet of heavy snow with a well-lit sign (10 feet above your front door) made to last by Excel.

See examples of beautiful, bright cabinet signs and other products offered by Excel at https://excelsignworks.com/.


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