How to Choose the Correct Monument Sign for Your Business

Monument signs are an impactful type of outdoor sign that a business can install. It’s why they are common fixtures outside hospitals, educational institutions, and large business complexes. Their size, style, and architectural design make them powerful ambassadors for their institution.

However, these signs are significant investments for the organization, whether classic or modern monument signs with digital sign faces. As they require a substantial upfront cost, it’s important to ensure your sign meets your needs, helps to achieve your goals, and so much more.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what to consider when choosing the right monument signs for your business.

Why Monument Signs Near You Are So Impactful

Monument signs are large signs mounted on the ground. They are commonly called architectural signs because they are designed to suit their surroundings. These signs come in a variety of styles, such as brick, concrete, metal, and wood.

With their large size and limitless design options, monument signs are incredibly attention-grabbing. The sign face is ideal for displaying the business’s branding prominently; it is also an excellent platform for displaying promotional messages, such as current sales, new products, and upcoming events.

Maximizing the value that you receive from your sign depends on the style, size, and location you choose, which we will delve more into next!

Choosing the Right Monument Sign for Your Business: Factors to Consider

  • Does It Align with Your Brand?

The style of the sign should reflect your brand and business. Hospitals often choose large stone signs because they convey a sense of permanence, while commercial establishments often opt for digital monument signs near you because they unlock new advertising opportunities.

Your choice of material makes a big difference to the visual appeal of your sign solution. Brick, concrete, and metal all offer distinctive looks. Make sure you choose a material that best suits your business aesthetic and customer expectations.

  • Find the Most Visible Locations for Signs

A sign is only as effective as its location. Identify locations on your property that ensure the sign will be noticed by your intended audience. By the roadside, at entrances to driveways, and outside front doors are some popular locations for monument signs.

You may require a sign permit, even if you are installing the sign on private land. Check the zoning regulations in your area to ensure there aren’t other requirements for commercial signage. Finally, check if your property is subject to any local by-laws related to installing signage outdoors.

  • Consider Illumination for Modern Monument Signs

Lighting is an exciting and eye-catching component of signs, as it has been proven to attract attention and encourage engagement in customers. There are several lighting configurations to choose from for monument signs, including diffused halo lighting, open-face lighting, front lighting, spotlighting, and LED neon.

Lighting impacts not only the sign’s appearance but curb appeal too. Make sure to choose an option that enhances your branding and suits the sign’s surroundings as well.

LED lighting is an excellent choice. Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs consume nearly eight times less energy and last up to 30 times as long. These differences mean far lower operating costs and less expenditure for your business on routine maintenance.

  • Think About the Weather

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, moisture, and wind will affect the longevity of your sign. Each material wears differently, so speak to a monument sign company near you for more insight.They will be able to advise you on what materials are best suited for the conditions your sign will experience.

Maintenance is another big factor to consider. Experienced sign professionals can tell you what types will need repair or replacement, helping you make an informed decision for your business.

  • Stay within Budget

There are two costs to consider for monument signs: upfront costs and ongoing maintenance.

Upfront costs vary based on the size, style, materials, and lighting you opt for. Obtaining a sign permit, shipping, surface preparation, and installation costs will likely be an additional upfront cost.

Ongoing costs mostly include routine maintenance. This typically involves paint touch-ups, replacing worn-out lettering, addressing lighting issues, and addressing signs of damage. If your sign company uses LED lighting, it will help reduce energy bills and bulb replacement costs.

  • Work with Expert Designers

Work with an experienced design team that can craft unique sign solutions for you. Unlike printing graphics, monument signs are a three-dimensional structure, which can make designing it a more complex process. However, a designer will know how to use contours and 3D designs to craft a stunning sign.

Share your business’s branding information, including the logo, colors, graphics, and patterns, with your design team so that they can incorporate it into your design seamlessly.

The Importance of Finding a Full-Service Monument Sign Company Near You

Installing a monument sign is a significant monetary investment for a business, but it shouldn’t be a significant investment of effort. There are a lot of moving parts involved in installing a monument sign, including:

  • Sign permits
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Site preparation
  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Trying to manage each of these steps on your own will consume valuable resources, leading to inefficiency and excessive costs. Alternatively, working with individual vendors for each stage requires close management and may result in lengthy delays. That’s why working with a full-service signage partner is the right choice.

A reliable sign company with experience installing monument signs will reduce your efforts substantially. You will also unlock a single point of contact for the whole project. Finally, the company will be accountable for the result, ensuring you receive the value you expect.

Research reviews from customers to learn how their experience has been. Google Reviews, Facebook, testimonials, and the Better Business Bureau are good places to look. Also, check the company’s gallery of successfully completed projects to see if their styles suit your preferences.

Work with the Right Team for Your Monument Signs

Unlock marketing potential and make an impact in your community with our experienced signage team. We bring years of expertise in the signage industry, crafting high-quality, innovative, and representative sign solutions. As we are a local team, we understand your local audience and know how to align your priorities with their expectations. Installing monument signs can be a complex process, but our team will guide you every step of the way, making it a seamless journey. We handle everything from design to installation, allowing you to stay focused on the growth of your business. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs today.



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