LED Readerboard Signs

Eye-catching LED Signs

Get your message out there with an eye-catching array of brightly lit colors by installing an LED Readerboard Sign at your place of business. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are tiny light bulbs that, when combined, are capable of a startling display of both light and color.

It's never been easier to create messages for your LED Digital Display.

Now, for a fraction of what other companies are charging, Excel Signs’ HD digital panel technology offers twice the clarity than the competition’s outdoor LED signs. LED outdoor signage made by us are the best in the business. The most recent HD output standard is included with our LED digital panels. Using our readerboard signs, your sign firm will be able to provide a good product for customers. Up to 100,000 hours can be expected from Excel Signs LED panels on average. With Excel Signs, you can provide your clients the greatest quality while keeping a budget in mind. Quality, availability, and reliability are all assured by our LED digital signage. Excel Signs LED Signs can design for all outdoor digital signs or billboards.

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