Safety and ADA

The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, put forth a set of rules and regulations governing how certain signs need to be designed and displayed. These guidelines must be followed, and are enforced by federal and state law. However, many business owners can feel overwhelmed with these instructions and have no idea where to start. At Excel Signworks, we know signs, and we can certainly help you design an ADA compliant sign.

Here are some of the basics of designing a sign that is ADA compliant:

  • Contrast: There needs to be strong dark-to-light contrast on any ADA sign. This means that you want to use colors that make each other stand out. The classic example is the dark blue restroom sign with white lettering.
  • Font: Choose a sans-serif font for best results. This will enable everyone to easily and quickly read your sign. Choose colors that reflect your brand, but again, be aware of issues with readability and contrast levels.
  • Braille: Braille lettering needs to be included on certain signs. We’ll help you determine which ones need this language for the visually impaired.
  • Sign height and size: ADA compliant signs need to be a certain size and height from the floor. They also need to be a certain distance from any doors or windows. Again, we can help with that.

You don’t have to sacrifice branding for these interior signs, by the way. Including subtle color schemes and fonts that fit the ADA requirements but also reflect your brand is very much within reason. This is a great way to continue to market yourself while following government regulations. You can get creative and still follow the rules, believe it or not.

If you need ADA signs, you can always contact the experts at Excel Signworks. Get in touch with us today.