Sign Repair and Restoration Services

We handle all types of sign repairs

No matter who built your sign, Excel Signworks has the means to repair it. Our sign repair and restoration services draw upon decades of industry experience to restore your sign to its former glory.

Excel Signworks offers sign repair and restoration services as part of our full assortment of signage services.

Complicated installations often require equally complicated repairs. Don’t rely on anyone other than a trained professional or you may wind up with less than optimal results. Excel Signworks employs specially trained sign technicians that are capable of undertaking even the most daunting sign repair and restoration projects.

Repairs without the risk

Because outdoor signs are frequently located at very high or difficult-to-reach altitudes, they necessitate the services of qualified sign technicians who can safely and securely access the sign for maintenance.

Electric signs with faulty or flickering bulbs will reflect negatively upon your brand and demand prompt maintenance from an electrically competent specialist.

Upgrade and refresh

Boosting your indicators from time to time is all they need. Give an old sign a new lease of life by painting it, replacing a damaged panel, or relocating it. Whether you need to restore an old sign or give it a new look, our creative advisors employ the best materials and cutting-edge processes to come up with the best ideas.

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