Retrofit Your Existing Signage to State-of-the-Art LED Lighting

Your business signage is too crucial to ignore. Business experts express that approximately 50% of your target clientele base can be attributed to business signage. Suppose your existing signage is not as effective as it should be. Maybe it is only accounting for a small fraction of your customer base. What measures should you take? A beneficial course of action is to retrofit your existing signage to LED lighting.

An Overview of LED Lighting

  • LED (lighting emitting diode) technology has enhanced business signage illumination. LEDs simply change electricity into visible light. Why should you switch to LED signage?
  • LEDs use relatively less electricity as opposed to other types of lighting.
  • LEDs are able to emit light in a particular direction as they are a type of directional light.
  • Since LED lighting is a type of directional light it is very efficient for business signage as it eliminates the need for reflectors and diffusers.

To better understand the importance of switching to LED signage, let’s discuss some of its benefits:

  1. More Brand Visibility

LED lighting is very efficient and hardly fails. This works in favor of your brand. When your business signage is continuously illuminated, it is easily visible to a large customer base. This eventually results in more prospective customers becoming aware of your brand and eventually more sales.

Led Digital Signs

  1. Enhanced Brand Reputation

LED lighting neither contains phosphor nor mercury. Plus it is recyclable. Switching to LED signage thus portrays your business as environmentally responsible. Customers view your brand in a positive light. Your business or brand achieves a reputation as one that is eco-friendly.

  1. Your Business Signage Becomes More Appealing

LED lighting is regarded as the new and modern way for business signage illumination. Switching to LED signage gives your existing signage a modern, creative and colorful appearance which appeals to prospective customers.

  1. LED Signage Has a Long Lifespan

Replacing your existing signage not only consumes time but it is also costly. By switching to LED signage, you save on costs and time needed to replace your business signage. LEDs can last for 3-6 years making it every cost effective.

  1. Conversion Is Relatively Easy

Switching to LED signage is easy as long as you hire qualified signage solutions consultants. LED retrofitting can be done while ensuring the normal business operations are not disrupted.

Call the Experts

To wrap up, it’s time to increase your business revenue by giving your signage a modern and appealing touch by switching to LED signage. All you need is to work with expert business signage consultants such as Excel Signworks to make the entire process of switching to LED signage easy. Contact us!



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