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    A Brand New Sign for Arnheim & Neely

    Your signs are an important part of your business. So, what do you do when your signs aren’t looking like they used to? Well, recently we worked with a property management company that had old signs that just weren’t doing the job anymore. They gave us a call here at Excel Signworks and we talked to them about their options and then delivered a quality product that matched the look of the original signs.

    The Client and the Problem

    Liz Cantu of Arnheim & Neely contacted us because the signs at one of their properties was looking worse for wear. The sign was a made of brass and the lettering on the sign was almost unreadable.  And the post that held it up had sunken into the ground, hiding the sign behind the fence that surrounded the property. Combined, these two problems made this sign almost useless unless you were standing right next to it. So, to make sure that the sign was visible from a distance, Liz contacted our team to see what we could do.

    The Solution

    The sign was for a historic condominium complex in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, so a flashy, modern sign was out of the question. The client wanted to maintain the look and feel of the old sign, but with better visibility. So, we got to work creating a sign that used the same look as the original but added some qualities that made the sign easier to read. We made sure that the lettering stood out against the background by using high-contrast colors. We also replaced the pole that held up the sign, raising high over the fence where it could be seen from the street, making it easier for guests and tenants to find the building they were looking for.

    The Results

    When we were finished the client was incredibly happy. They thought the sign looked amazing when it was replaced. The board and the property manager were more than pleased with the look and the added visibility.

    Sign Repair and Restoration

    Eventually, time and the elements will take its toll on all exterior signage. So, make sure your signs are still looking great years from now by trusting a professional team with maintenance and repair services. Contact our team today for sign repair and restoration services!