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    Your Space and Practical Interior Signs

    Office buildings can be labyrinths of doors, corridors, rooms, stairs and spaces. You’d need a compass, map, and courage to navigate these modern mazes without the use of some clear direction. Interior signs are a practical and convenient way of directing the many feet that will need to navigate your building in a timely manner, going to and from work, in and out of departments, or up and down sets of stairs. Excel Sign Works provides these essential office signs.

    Wayfinding Signs

    Because the signs that guide your clients through your spaces will also guide their opinions of your business, it’s a good idea to make those signs look good. Excel can add your company colors or a logo to those signs. By adding these touches to your wayfinding signs or directories, you can make sure that the people who walk your halls are aware of your brand while also displaying the effort you put into your image.

    Another important aspect of the modern office building is the need for privacy. Those many feet that wander your halls may have wandering eyes. You’ll want to ensure that client information, employee information, or any other sensitive data that may appear on a screen or on a desk are not available to be gawked at. The stifling cubicle is not considered the ideal workspace anymore either. Office spaces have become more open and dynamic, so putting up opaque walls is not always the ideal answer to your privacy needs. Excel makes a privacy film for glass walls or windows that can provide the security you need, but the open feeling you want in your offices. These films will serve the practical purpose of making things private without closing off your office.

    Practical signs serve a purpose. They guide your clients to your door, hide the sensitive data you need hidden, and broadcast your brand at the same time. Practical doesn’t need to be boring, but it does need to work. Excel signs work and work for you at the same time.

    Check out some examples and see what else Excel Signworks has to offer.