Styles of Window Privacy Film For Office Environments

Having an open office plan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice privacy. Whether you work in an office building or in your own home, window privacy film can help you maintain the openness that makes people feel comfortable while still allowing them their privacy and protecting sensitive data from being seen by prying eyes. There are many different styles of window privacy film available to choose from, each with its own benefits and drawbacks depending on your needs and preferences.

Clear Vinyl/Etched Vinyl

Clear vinyl is a general term used to describe any kind of window privacy film that gives you privacy without blocking out all-natural light. Sometimes called etched glass, etched-glass vinyl, or a frosted finish, it’s great for offices and meeting rooms because it provides privacy while still letting in plenty of natural light. On top of that, clear vinyl is less expensive than etched glass, which means your business can save some money by installing just one type.

Frosted Vinyl

Office window films add elegance and privacy while keeping a sense of openness.

Frosted privacy film provides a crystal clear appearance from both sides of the glass, meaning you can still see your interiors in all their glory. Frosted vinyl is ideal for glass walls and other displays as it will not cover up your views. It’s also easy to have installed, making it quick and painless to get frosted vinyl onto your windows in no time. On top of that, our frosted vinyl is custom made just for you!

Cell Pattern

This type of window privacy film is good for interior office spaces because it blocks both natural and artificial light. It can be installed on windows, glass door panels, or almost any other opaque surface. Cell pattern window privacy film is composed of small air pockets (cells) that trap light between a layer of vinyl and air. In bright sunlight, you will only see a black silhouette, but at night, you can see through to what’s behind it.

Solid Color

Etched vinyl films (solid colored films) come in all different colors, ranging from black to yellow. These are a perfect choice for privacy without breaking up natural light or completely blocking your view. Solid color films are best for large windows, and you can mix and match colors if you choose multiple etchings for one window.



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