Make your wall stand out

Wall graphics are easy to apply and make a plain white wall pop with color in a matter of minutes. Made of vinyl, they are also straightforward to clean and simple to remove.

Of course, you can use these vinyl interior signs for more than just decoration. Consider placing motivational quotes on your office walls, or design graphics that include your brand message for an extra boost. This way, everyone will know what your company is all about.

You can also use wall graphics to advertise sales or special offers if you’re a retail business. Think about designing something that’s easily noticed and visually appealing, and you’ll be set.

What Are Vinyl Wall Decals and Stickers?

Wall decals and stickers are like personalized wallpaper, as they can be printed with any design, cut into any shape, and customized to any size. Vinyl wall decals can be installed on walls, windows, glass partitions, cubicles, mirrors, doors, and many other surfaces. Businesses even use stickers to brand shipping containers, packaging, and promotional giveaways.

Custom Wall Decals: Tailored Solutions for Your Space

Vinyl window decals and wall stickers are customizable and versatile, allowing customers to use them to:

  • Brand spaces tastefully with environmental graphics
  • Transform storefront windows into large billboards for the business
  • Display artwork in the lobby and around the office
  • Add motivational quotes, mission statements, and more to workspaces
  • Improve privacy with frosted window graphics
  • Show directions with directional arrows
  • Decorate the space affordably with seasonal graphics

Your One-Stop-Shop for Wall Decals in Pittsburgh

Starting today, you will no longer spend hours trying to find a sign that fulfills your vision at a big box store or creating it on your own. From now on, enjoy a seamless experience at Excel Signworks.

You will work with talented, experienced signage experts in Pittsburgh who will guide you through the entire signage process. We handle all stages, including:

  • Planning/Conceptualization
  • Design
  • Production/Printing
  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Removal

Custom Decals for Windows: Enhancing Business Visibility

Windows are one of the most underutilized spaces at many establishments. Whether yours is a professional office or a retail store, you can use vinyl wall decals to:

  • Advertise ongoing sales and promotions
  • Grow brand awareness by displaying your business name and logo
  • Create attractive storefront displays with three-dimensional graphics
  • Share information about your business with potential customers
  • Enhance visitor comfort by controlling the amount of light entering the premises
  • Reduce cooling bills with heat-blocking films and graphics


With a small upfront cost, but zero recurring fees, you can turn your business’s windows into billboards. We use top-quality materials from suppliers like 3M to ensure longevity, durability, and vibrance. Our team selects the most appropriate vinyl for your application, maximizing their lifespan, whether installed indoors or outdoors.

Wall Graphics: Elevating Interior Aesthetics and Branding

From simple ‘repainting’ to showpiece spaces, there’s a lot you can do with wall graphics. Here’s how you can use them at your business:

  • Brand your space by adding your business’s colors around the office.
  • Add skylines or city-themed motifs to display all the cities where you have offices.
  • Add photographs of clients, team events, and other special occasions.
  • Display images of awards and milestones to communicate your accomplishments with visitors.
  • Bring unique spaces to life and foster creativity in employees.
  • Change the color of your walls without the expense or effort of repainting.

Additional uses for wall graphics

Wall graphics are useful for many types of spaces. Some of the uses include:  

  • Decorate a daycare or childcare center with charming graphics, like letters and numbers. This will make both parents and their children feel more comfortable. You can add animal graphics as well, for a cute change of pace.
  • Display sales and deals if you’re a retail store. Use bright colors to catch customers’ eyes and get them in your door. Keep your brand in mind to get them to keep coming back.
  • Use brightly colored graphics to spruce up a boring white office wall. This will help encourage your employees to be more productive. They’ll also start to look forward to coming to work.
  • Inspire your employees with quotes and visually pleasing images. Like the above suggestion, this will also increase productivity. You could even ask your employees what quotes or images they’d like to see.
  • Brighten hospital wards. No one enjoys being sick, but if they get to look at colorful and cheerful displays of wall graphics, they’ll feel a little bit better during their stay.

Transform Your Space with Pittsburgh Wall Decals

Create memorable impressions with visitors and bring your dream space to life with wall and vinyl window decals. Work with a leading local sign company to create stunning designs for your business. At Excel Signworks, we spend lots of time understanding your needs, creating personalized designs, and recommending cost-effective options. Excel Signworks is your source for quality wall graphics, so contact us today for a free quote. Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying pre-made or templated designs will limit the number of designs to choose from, and, most likely, they will not incorporate your branding. There is also the chance the design you choose has been used by another business. With custom wall decals, you can incorporate your branding, optimize your space, and invest your money in the best option.

Window decals for businesses can boost their presence in many ways, such as:

  • Display the business’s name and logo, building top-of-mind awareness.
  • Creating eye-catching storefronts that entice potential customers to visit your establishment.
  • Improving the ambiance of the store, inside and out, generates positive impressions.
  • Maximizing your marketing efforts by unlocking new advertising opportunities.

Vinyl is a durable material, capable of withstanding Pittsburgh’s cold winters and humid summers. Window (and wall) decals resist warping, tearing, and discoloration. Expect indoor decals to deliver years of effortless service for your business. Outdoor decals can last many months, too, depending on the conditions they experience. Note that prolonged exposure to moisture and sunlight can age decals prematurely.

Absolutely, we can recreate everything from Pittsburgh’s skyline to silhouettes. In fact, the city’s skyline, helicopter shots of Pittsburgh, and outlines of the skyline are some of our more popular wall decal requests. If you want to create a more vibrant caricature of the city, our team will be happy to do it for you!

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