Window Privacy Film

Stylish and Private

One of the hallmarks of the modern office is the “open” concept. While this is purported to enhance creativity and teamwork, it leaves a lot to be desired when data must be kept private.

At Excel Signworks, we make window privacy film that can help to obscure your desktop from passers-by.

Keep your open concept but not at the expense of privacy with window privacy film.

Places to use Privacy film:

Make it functional

You may utilize your privacy vinyl to display essential store information, such as business hours or the services you provide. Many people consider privacy vinyl as a basic frosting, but when it comes to personalization choices, the possibilities are limitless. You may use eye-catching colors, skillfully produced graphics, and pictures that are unique to your company and activities. These signs are an excellent approach to presenting clients with information that will pique their interest in visiting your establishment while also emphasizing any special deals.

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