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Business Signs in Pittsburgh

Well-made business signs can transform your company into a go-to destination for your target audience. In a highly competitive commercial landscape like Pittsburgh, business signs are crucial in optimizing your brand’s reach and visibility, while building a remarkable brand identity. 

Business signs in Pittsburgh portray the uniqueness of your brand and showcase the reason why potential customers should be compelled to visit your store. The results you get from outdoor or indoor business signs depend on various factors, such as their type, quality, material, typography, placement, and size. That’s why it is crucial to choose your business sign manufacturer carefully.  

Excel Signworks manufactures and installs different types of sign solutions for businesses in Pittsburgh with state-of-the-art equipment and skillful craftsmanship. We deliver interior or exterior business signs made of exceptional materials. Get your customized business signs today to take your business to new heights.

The Importance of Business Signs

How can business signs in Pittsburgh transform your brand? Here’s how these signs work for your business: 

Increase Brand Exposure

Business signage helps create authority and enhances the brand image to gain customers. People often purchase from a store that feels familiar. Business signs help you create a recognizable image of your brand among potential customers and help you establish your prominence in different locations.  

Build Brand Presence

Your business signs aim to remind your existing or potential customers of your brand, products, and services. They refine the image of your business identity and build a strong presence in the marketplace. 

Provide Brand Information

Business signage also communicates with your potential audience without meeting them face-to-face. You can inform them about your products and services, special deals and discounts, and opening hours through your brand’s signage.  

Assist People with Directions

Apart from branding and marketing purposes, business signs can help people find their way to your store or business. For instance, exterior signs for businesses inform potential customers about your store location. On the other hand, interior wayfinding business signs help visitors find their way within a building to avoid confusion. 

Provide Around-the-Clock Advertisement

Business signboards advertise your brand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These signs reflect your brand and its philosophy. The more your target audience sees your business signage, the more it will recognize your brand. 

Types of Business Signs in Pittsburgh

A variety of interior and exterior signs for business are available in Pittsburgh, tailored to different needs. At Excel Signworks, we offer the following business signs:

Storefront Signs

These signs are installed on the exterior of your brick-and-mortar store or business.

Channel Letter Signs

These durable signs are created with front-lit or backlit 3D letters that help businesses stand out and capture customer attention at all hours of the day.

Illuminated Signs

These business signs in Pittsburgh often incorporate energy-efficient lighting for enhance visibility.  

Window Graphics

This multi-purpose sign solution creates a custom look for your business. They offer support for marketing, branding, and advertising by utilizing your window space.

Monument Signs

This popular sign choice promotes a brand and creates a welcoming atmosphere for your target audience. They are a robust sign made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Architectural Signs

These signs are specifically designed to harmonize with the design and aesthetics of a building. They can be used indoors and outdoors to showcase information and accomplish brand recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business signs are critical for your Pittsburgh-based business because they serve as the first point of contact with your potential customers. Signs for companies help convey their brand, location, and professionalism, making it easier for locals to find and trust a business.

Various types of business signs are used in Pittsburgh, such as storefront signs, channel letter signs, illuminated signs, neon signs, monument signs, and more. Pittsburgh businesses also use window graphics and vehicle wraps as business signage to expand their reach.

An effective sign for a business in Pittsburgh must convey your brand’s message clearly to your target audience. There are a few factors that brands should consider when creating an effective outdoor or indoor sign for their business. These factors include the placement, environment, and material of the signage.

When selecting a business sign maker in Pittsburgh, you should consider their experience, market reputation, and portfolio. Ensure they are well-versed with local regulations and permits, as Pittsburgh may have specific signage requirements. Also, consider their expertise and the quality of material they use to create your business signs. 

The cost of designing and installing a sign for a business in Pittsburgh varies widely based on various factors. These factors include the size, material, location, and complexity of the office signs. For instance, the cost of a smaller sign will be less than that of a larger, illuminated business sign in Pittsburgh. 

The time to design and install a business sign depends on various factors, such as the type, size, and material of the signage. Additionally, it also depends on how long it takes for the local permitting process for business signs in Pittsburgh.

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