Channel Letters

Sturdy and attractive

Excel Signworks’ channel letter signs, like our cabinet signs and other exterior signs, are built on a sturdy aluminum frame to help resist rust and other weather-related damage.

Wrapped around that aluminum frame is a sheath of precision-milled polycarbonate that fits the unique contours of the frame to create letters.

Channel letter signs can be front-lit or back-lit, a combination of the two or not lit at all.

Our installers will mount the letters directly to your building’s façade, using whatever means certified by your locality to be in compliance with zoning regulations.

How to Make Your Sign Unique

Channel letter signs can be customized in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to appeal to a specific demographic, use your branding aesthetic, or match the requirements of a building complex, our design team can help. Among the personalization options we provide are: Printing using High Resolution Imaging,  w iring LEDs for optimal visibility, and  services for color matching and reproduction. More Than Just Stylized Fonts! Give us a call now if you think one of these effective sign solutions could benefit your company.

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