How Color Can Influence Customer Perceptions Using Branding and Signage

According to experts, colors speak a lot about your business. This tactic has been used by many companies and brands to attract and send the right messages to their customers. For instance, women love colored products, and that makes it easy for the companies to design their products accordingly.

Influence of Branding and Signage Colors

Different colors can be used for various reasons. Each color plays an important role in marketing, and it can be interpreted differently by different people, but there is a common and well-known meaning of standard colors.

  1. Red

You can use color red when you want to sell your goods fast. It is mostly used for branding and signage that are meant for fast foods and products that need quick take away. The reason behind using this color is that it is associated with quick movement and urgency.

  1. Blue 

This color is associated with men products. It is also used for security products. If you need your product to be trusted, this is the color you should use while branding your signage.

  1. Green

If you sell health-related products like medicine or environment-friendly products, green color will work wonders. With this color, you will give your customers calmness and peace of mind.

  1. Purple

If you are selling beauty products and those that are associated with wisdom and respect, this color is the best for that job. This is the color that you can use when selling anti-aging and respective products. 


Always avoid overusing these colors. For instance, if you overuse black color, your signage will look dull, and it may not be visible enough. Try to mix the colors in equal amounts to avoid monotony.

How Big Brands Are Applying Colors

Many companies have their own colors associated with their brand. These colors speak a lot about what is sold and what is available in their stores. Without these colors, the brands cannot exist and won’t be known in the market.


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