Essential Indoor Signs to Enhance Your Office Interior

Your lobby or reception logo sign is the star of your interior signs strategy. It is a vital element in your office, as its size makes it an ideal place to put your company’s name on display, creating the perfect environment and a great first impression on visitors, employees, and potential clients.

Businesses of all sizes rely on interior signs to communicate messages and facilitate navigation through their building interiors, but not all interior signs are created equal. One of the most important elements of your lobby or reception logo sign is how it blends with your office design and elevates its aesthetic value. To ensure that your interior signs enhance the look and feel of your lobby or reception area, it is vital to rely on professional sign experts that can help design and install them correctly. 

Building an interior sign strategy

Reception signs are the star of any interior signs strategy.

The first step in creating an effective sign strategy in your office is to put yourself in the shoes of a person visiting for the first time. Consider your customer’s needs and find a consistent sign style so that they are easy to recognize.  Think about how people will move through your space and what type of signage you need: directional arrows, directory signs, room numbers, or even ADA and safety signs. Also, consider where you’ll place these indoor signs.

Finally, consider the environment and how visitors will see your signs. It all depends on your audience. For example, if you’re targeting large groups of people at once (like at a tradeshow), you may want larger signage with lots of white space and clear language. If it’s just one-on-one meetings with clients, smaller signs might be more appropriate. The key is to choose a consistent design and style. 

Types of interior office signs

There is a wide range of office signs to choose from. This is when a professional sign company or expert’s advice is extremely handy. There are many elements you should consider in order to select the best interior office sign for your business. 

The most popular types of indoor signs include: 

  • Wayfinding
  • Directories
  • Safety Signs
  • ADA Compliant Signage
  • Window Graphics
  • Wall Murals
  • Floor Graphics
  • Digital Message Boards 

Take time to think about your business products, services, goals, and needs. Think of your potential customers, visitors, and partners. These elements can get you started in your quest for the best office signage. Contact Excel Signworks today to discuss your project! 


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