Monument and Architectural

For a grand and dignified signage option, monument signs are the way to go. These large exterior signs are made of sturdy, long-lasting materials and offer your visitors a stately guidepost as they enter your property. These signs are unique in that they stand out like a natural or man-made monument would, and it is because of this that many businesses choose them for their entrance.

You can choose to have your monument sign carved or sandblasted, or for a more modern look, display an LED reader board in the panel section. This is a great choice for schools, churches and community centers.

Here are some common monument sign materials:

  • Brick: This would be a nice choice for a school, especially if the building itself is made of brick.
  • Stone: Stone would be lovely for a church or other place of worship. It calls to mind respect and honor.
  • Exterior-rated foam: This is a less expensive option that still looks great. This material can be created to look like brick or stone, which makes it an attractive option for those companies who need a sign but are on a tight budget.
  • Metal and acrylic: This choice for a monument sign is very sleek and modern.


There are a few ways to display information on your monument sign:

  • Carved signs are exactly what their name says. The name of your company or organization is carved into wood or foam.
  • Sandblasted signs are a unique-looking option. In this instance, any information you want on your sign is displayed in a convex manner. The material around the letters is blasted away and then the letters themselves appear to stand out.
  • LED reader boards are a more contemporary look, good for those businesses who have information that consistently changes.

Excel Signworks offers high-quality monument signs, so contact us today so we can help with your next project.