Pylon Signs: Be More Visible, Be More Profitable

Remember the last time you ate at a McDonald’s on a highway? Now, try and recollect this. How did you spot the McDonald’s in the first place?

Let me tell you. The big ‘M’ sign standing on a big pole might have helped you. Well, that is a pylon sign and that’s one of the most effective ways of achieving visibility.

What if that sign wasn’t there? God knows you might have never known there was a McDonald’s hiding there, right? That is how significant the impact of pylon signs can be.

Pylon signs are usually free-standing structures towering above the publicised place of business. They can be lighted or unlighted, graphics or text-based, simple or complex, and of any shape. As far as making a pylon sign is concerned, possibilities for creativity are limitless.


McDonald’s says that, on average, a change from a monument sign’ to a ‘pylon sign’ can increase a store’s business by as much as 15%.

“Whataburger”, unhappy with their new store’s volume, removed their brand-new pylon sign and installed one 40% larger and taller. The store’s volume immediately increased 23%.

The benefits are immense. No doubt about it. But why?

  1. Visibility.

If people don’t see the sign, they will have no clue what your business even exists. Think about how easy it would be to miss a store on a speed-friendly highway. Very easy.

Pylon signs are especially effective in getting the attention of people from far away. This gives you a great head start in the marketing communications game.

  1. Opportunity to Sell.

McDonald’s is obviously not an ideal example. It’s an established brand name. Once you see the sign, you know what you are in for. But, what about a brand new business?

It will have to tell viewers what it is. The large canvas given by pylon signs is a perfect place to let people know what you have on offer. For example, if you are a donuts outlet, you may draw up a big donut and mention its price or you might write a catchy line. The point is that you have space. Now, the sky’s the limit.

  1. Cost-effective.

This often goes unnoticed. Pylon signs are incredibly cost efficient. Firstly, they are durable. They can go on for years at a stretch. Secondly, they are low maintenance. Once installed, there isn’t much you have to do. Hence, there are high returns on investment in a good pylon sign.

Pylon signs can help in differentiating your brand, too. If one has a stationary shop on a street which has 10 other stationary stops, pylon signs can help the shop stand out.

Which Type of Business Should Use It?

The most important factor here is space. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to put pylon signs on a short street. People will find it difficult to look up to the sign.

Pylon signs are ideal for highways. They are also good for places where people can watch them from afar. Besides this, they give high returns in places where there is a lot of competition for attention. For example, on a popular market street.

As you can infer, a pylon sign is a great marketing tool to invest in. In case you want one made, we, at Excel Signworks, are just a call away.


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