The Impact of Indoor Business Signs on Your Brand

Indoor business signs are well-known for their utility. Directory signs guide people around the premises, door signs label rooms, and safety signs keep occupants safe. However, interior signs have a significant influence on branding, too. Well-designed signs can help brand the space tastefully and uplift visitor experiences.

In this blog, we’ll explore how indoor signs can enhance your branding efforts and help your business stand out.

How Indoor Business Signs Impact Your Brand

1. Consistent Branding

According to Forbes, consistency is one of the tenets of branding. It establishes a clear identity for the brand and helps build top-of-mind-awareness with customers. Indoor signage for your business is an essential part of that. Signs that accurately reflect your colors and subtly display branding elements provide a cohesive experience.

If yours is a multi-location business, consistent branding across locations will boost customer recognition. In fact, indoor signage is one of the best ways of displaying a unique brand identity across multiple areas.

2. Highlighting the Business’s Core Values

Customized commercial interior signage allows you to convey the business’s ethos and core values. You can use signs to display the mission statement, guiding principles, and more. Signs offer an excellent way to communicate your brand to customers and relay your unique sales proposition.

3. Engage Customers with Digital Signs

Digital signs are a great way to engage with customers. They can be used for promotional activity, advertising, branding, and even wayfinding. You can use signs to show corporate videos and ads, promote upcoming products, and more. All in all, you can take customers on a journey through your brand and offer something memorable.

4. Professional Office Designs

When so many offices in Pittsburgh have similar-looking interiors, custom interior signs will help you make the space your own. Signs can be used to redecorate the space cost-effectively and without fuss. One such example is vinyl wall murals, which offer a great balance between impact and cost-effectiveness. Murals can be large, customized with your branding, and are ideal for decorating bare, open spaces.

5. Creating Employee-Friendly Areas

Indoor signage for businesses can also be used to brand the office’s interiors. This can include workspaces, break rooms, meeting rooms, and more. Thoughtfully designed spaces don’t just instill creativity in employees; they are proven to increase employee productivity by up to 13%.

To create a sense of belonging and demonstrate your appreciation for your employees’ contributions, consider displaying team photos. They will be morale boosters for employees and display your team culture to potential customers.

6. Commercial Interior Signage for Safety

Safety may not seem the most brand-related subject, but it is an essential part of your business’s identity. Personalized safety signs (such as emergency and ADA signs) convey to customers that yours is an accessibility-first business.

Not only does that create a positive impression for your business, but it can also increase your customer base.

7. Attractive Spaces

One of the key benefits of indoor business signs is that they can be used to bring stunning spaces to life. Whether yours is a professional office or a retail space, indoor signs can help you create appealing areas. Meta, the company behind Facebook, for instance, uses interior signs to create stimulating spaces while promoting its branding.

8. Guiding People Around the Office

Just because it’s decorative, that doesn’t mean that signage cannot be practical. Branded wayfinding signs are a great example of signs that serve a vital navigational function. They help people navigate a space effortlessly and offer yet another opportunity to display your branding.

Tips for Designing Branded Indoor Signage for Your Business

Designing indoor signs for branding is a very different exercise from designing advertising signs. Whereas advertising signs must be bold and noticeable, branded signs must take a low-key approach. Here are a few tips for designing tasteful branded signs:

Use your logo sparingly: Adding your logo to every sign can be tempting, but it’s inadvisable. Save your logo for key signage, such as lobby signs, that offer visual impact.

Show your colors prominently: However, you should use color schemes that reflect your branding. Whether it’s a directory sign in the lobby or a door sign, try to incorporate your business colors. If your branding includes colors that don’t suit your decor, add a dash of white or gray to the design to tone it down.

Use the same fonts: If your branding package includes a certain type of font, use the same one for your signs. It will help create a distinct identity for your business while gently promoting your business. However, if your fonts are cursive, they may be harder to read in passing. If that’s the case, consider using simple sans-serif fonts.

Employ a variety of signs: Don’t be afraid to explore a variety of signs for your interior. Vinyl wall and window decals, for instance, are excellent for branding large spaces. Lobby signs, on the other hand, are the centerpiece in lobbies. If you’re not sure what signs to install and where, speak to your signage partner.

Work with an experienced sign company: Unless you have a clear vision for the office’s decor or experience with branding, working with a signage partner is highly advisable. An experienced sign company will have the know-how to decorate your office cohesively. Moreover, it will be able to guide you to cost-effective signage options that offer the value you expect.

Transform Your Space with Custom Indoor Business Signs

Branding an office effectively requires taking a big-picture view: How will your customers react to it, what will employees say, and what will the signs convey about your business? That’s why businesses such as yours turn to professional companies for signage. Excel Signworks is a full-service sign company that assists with all aspects of branding. From evaluating your space and developing a custom sign plan to creating eye-catching designs, we take care of everything. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a Pittsburgh-based signage professional today.



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